Galaxy Custom gets it right with their retro-style BMW R1200R


“Our idea was to make a classic motorcycle, with a rather retro look, but blended with modern technology inside. For this, we used as a 2008 base model BMW R1200R. Completely redesigned the frame to change the centre of gravity and the angle of the front fork, in the process lowering the bike and improving its appearance. Used a classic adjustable fork at the front and BMW R71 fuel tank that’s been slightly modified,” says Ivaylo Trendafilov of Galaxy Custom, who has designed and built the bike.

“Made the handlebars more compact, while maintaining all of its components – even the heating. K&N filters have been used for their looks and also for the way they change the sound of the BMW’s engine. Exhaust pipes are reverse with thermal tape, with mini silencers to make them sound good. The spoked wheels that we’ve used are from Kineo, who’re based in Italy, and these are shod with Avon Supermoto Distanzia tyres. Other bits include large-diameter wave-type brake discs with radial-mount four-piston calipers at the front, a retro-style headlamp, custom-built seat and custom-built fenders that are made of aluminium. Finally, we also decided to go with a classic BMW paintjob – black, with white stripes. The bike was completed in six months,” says Trendafilov.

Well, what can we say – we think the bike looks fabulous. We hope to see more bikes form Galaxy Custom soon!



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